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What limitations exist for file archiving?

HubStor has the following known limitations for file archiving environments:

1. Max file size -- 4.5 TB. This file size limit is a post compression file size.

2. Max stub retrieval duration before timeout -- 2 minutes. This limit exists specifically for seamless stubbing and link-based stubbing methods (but not the HTML/Stub.aspx method) because longer recalls can cause issues with the file server. Thus, it is recommended that you do not stub large files that will take longer than 2 minutes to download over your current network connection.

HubStor does not have problems with things such as:
  • long path file names,
  • special characters in folder of file names,
  • number of items in a folder,
  • nested group expansion or number of group members,
  • number of ACE entries on a file or folder ACL.

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