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What Are 'Item Types' and How Does HubStor Use Them?

Item types are simply file extensions, and HubStor allows you to group them together into 'Item Types'.

Example: The following file extensions all represent a similar type of content:
Which we can map into an 'Item Type' grouping. The name of the groupings can be whatever we want. Given the above file extensions, we might create a grouping called:
How Does HubStor Leverage Item Types?

1. In dashboards, you'll often see a 'Breakdown by Content Type' chart. This leverages your Item Types configuration.

2. In policies, there is an 'ItemType' clause that you can use. When you do, you'll notice as you type in your criteria that HubStor tries to auto-fill using a list of all the file extensions found in your archive and your configured item types.

3. In search, whether in the eDiscovery App in the HubStor Admin Portal or for end-user search in the HubStor User Portal.

Where Are Item Types Configured?

You can create Item Type templates and modify the item type definition on a Stor at any time. See HOW TO DEFINE ITEM TYPES IN HUBSTOR.

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