Overview of the HubStor Export Utility

Overview of the HubStor Export Utility

HubStor makes it easy to perform bulk extraction from the cloud archive. This article provides information and examples around the various export scenarios.

NOTE: Export will only work for users with sufficient permissions. For more information on the authorization surrounding the Export Utility, see HOW TO CONFIGURE EXPORT UTILITY PERMISSIONS.

For End Users

The Export Utility can be made available to end users so that they are able to download entire folders. Normally, individual item retrieval is sufficient, but in some cases where a user needs to retrieve many files that are all contained in a single folder, the Export Utility provides a streamlined approach for retrieval.


For Discovery

In the cloud archive, Discovery cases can be created and users and searches can be placed on legal hold. If a case ever escalates and you need to perform collection, the Export Utility is how cases can be downloaded from your HubStor tenant.


For Admin Scenarios

  1. Data Recovery -- The Export Utility can also be used for fine-grained recovery in the scenario data is lost on-premises. For instance, a folder is accidentally deleted by a user. With the HubStor Export Utility, you can point the extraction to the source location and HubStor recreates the original folder structures as it restores the data.

  2. Leaving the Service -- HubStor doesn't lock you in. The HubStor Export utility is also your self-service mechanism in case you ever decided to leave the service. There's an option to rehydrate any stubs as you restore data to its original place.

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