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Overview of the HubStor Connector Service (HCS)

The HCS is software that is deployed behind your firewall to provide policy-based archiving to your HubStor cloud tenant. The HCS runs on a Windows VM, uses a service account, and can be installed and configured in minutes.

With the HCS installed, you will access its interface to configure connectors and their policies for archiving and optionally stubbing, deletion, and scheduled archiving. Connectors are included in the HCS and configured through the HCS user interface. They provide connection to the data sources you wish to archive.

The HCS includes an embedded database that supports monitoring and logging. You do not need to worry about backing up this database since it contains no mission critical information and can be rebuilt from HubStor in the cloud.

A Deeper Look at the Ingestion Process

The following diagram provides a step-by-step look at how the HCS performs capture and sends items to your HubStor cloud archive:

  1. The HubStor Connector Service (HCS) initiates the process by invoking calls to the connector starting with GetLocations, then iterates through each location with GetSubLocations and GetItemsInLocation.
  2. At each level the connector responds to calls from the HCS, fetching the requested data from the data source and providing it to the HCS.
  3. At each level the HCS stores the latest data about the data source.
  4. The HCS then computes the delta from the prior scan and evaluates policies to determine any necessary operations.
  5. For any operations, the HCS instructs the connector. In the case of archiving, this is to prepare for write. The HCS passes the list of items to capture.
  6. The connector fetches the relevant blobs, permissions, and item metadata from the data source.
  7. The connector sends the requested data to the HCS.
  8. The HCS sends the data to the HubStor cloud and receives a commit which it records in its embedded database.
You might also be interested in the security aspects of HCS. See SECURE ARCHIVING TO THE CLOUD WITH HUBSTOR.


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