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How to View Data Deletion History in HubStor

This article will describe the process on how to view data that has been removed from the tenant In HubStor.  It is important to note that all deletion activity is always audited.

Note: The 'Deletion History' tab discussed below will only report on successful deletions. To see any retention policy action that failed due to error, go to 'Administration', 'Auditing', and 'Item Actions', and use the filter 'Retention Delete'. For more information, see HOW TO USE AUDITING IN HUBSTOR.

To access, interrogate, and export deletion history information, follow these steps:

Step 1 -- Navigate to Retention, History

In the HubStor Admin Portal, select 'Retention' and then select 'Deletion History'.

Step 2 -- Configure and Apply Filters

Step through the date filters to scoped the data as needed.  When ready, click the 'Apply Filters' button to run the query and see if any results are returned. 

Step 3 -- Export

After running a report, there is the option to export the results. Click the 'Export' button to see a list of available export formats.  Select the desired format and the export will run immediately.

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