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Working With Shared Content In The End User Portal

Within the End User Portal, users can share individual items and folders with other users inside the organization, as well as external recipients.

Note: To share content, your account must be authorized for sharing. Sharing with external users is a separate permission from internal sharing. Contact your HubStor system administrator if you need permission to share.

Select Content to Share

Only items and folders in the 'My Content' section of your portal can be shared.

To share content, simply click in the row of the target item or folder in the results view (click anywhere but on the item name to select it).
Click either of the two Share buttons as seen below. 

The share dialog box will open. 

When populating the top field, if the user is internal, it will auto-suggest names, presenting users and/or groups from your corporate directory.

To share externally, enter the email address for the recipient. In order for the recipient to access the share, the email address will need to be associated to their Microsoft account. This is because the email address will be used for authenticating the user. If necessary, the recipient can create a Microsoft account and associate the email address retroactively.

Send Invitation Email
-- If you wish for a notification email to be sent to the recipient, enable the notification setting.  Email notifications will be sent on your behalf once you click 'Share'. If this option is not enabled, the user who the data was shared with, will need the URL to the end user portal in order to access the shared content.  
Access expires -- This allows you to define a date when this share will expire and is optional. 

The invitation email will look like the example below:

View Content You've Shared

In HubStor, you can see all of the shares you've generated, and optionally remove shares before their expiry.

To do this, navigate to the 'Shared By Me' area.

Click on the Stor name to get a listing of items you have shared.  

From here, there are a few options: 
Share -- This allows you to re-share it with additional people
Remove share -- This allows you to remove the share 
Manage sharing -- This presents 3 options as well.  Share, Remove, Invite. 

View Content Shared With You

This section will display folders and items that have been shared with you from other users.  

To do this, navigate to the 'Shared With Me' area.

Click on the Stor name to get a listing of items you have shared.  


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