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How To Move The Blob Cache Folder or Delete The Contents

The procedure for moving a Retrieval Service Blob Cache folder typically involves manually deleting the contents of the Blob Cache folder.  This article will cover the steps to accomplish both procedures.  If you are only interested in removing content from the Blob Cache folder skip down to that section of this article.

Moving the Blob Cache folder

As seen below, the default path for the Blob Cache folder is: C:\Users\%serviceaccount%\AppData\Roaming\HubStor.Stubbing.RetrievalService\BlobCache

It is recommended you locate this folder on a non-system drive whenever possible.  To change/move this location, update the 'Cache Directory' path as shown in the screenshot.  If there are files in this directory, follow the steps outlined in the next section.  

Deletion of Blob Cache folder content

The files in the Blob Cache folder are automatically removed after aging out, or the folder hits the Max Cache Size limit.  For more details, please see HOW TO INSTALL AND CONFIGURE THE RETRIEVAL SERVICE.  There are scenarios where it is desirable to manually delete files in the Blob Cache folder, such as:
  1. Troubleshooting unexpected retrievals.
  2. The Run Cleanup Now option is not clearing out old "stale" files due to file locking.
  3. After moving the Blob Cache folder to a new location.

Steps To Delete Blob Cache folder content

1.  Stop the Retrieval Service from the Services app.  Note this will interrupt stub retrievals.  

2. Next, unload the filter driver.  From a command prompt, type the following: fltmc unload easetag (leave the command window open)

3. Browse to the Blob Cache location and delete the files using your tool of choice (e.g. Window Explorer).  Note:  If you are moving the Blob Cache, then files may be moved to the new location instead of being deleted.   

4. At the command prompt, type:  fltmc load easetag 

5. Start the Retrieval Service

For more information regarding the Retrieval Service, see the following:  HOW TO INSTALL AND CONFIGURE THE RETRIEVAL SERVICE.

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