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How to Interrogate End User Activities in HubStor

In HubStor, all user activity is always audited. This article shows you where to find audit history for different user activities.

Blocked Activity

To see user activities that have been blocked according to the DLP Tags associated with your RegEx and/or Tagging Policies, go to 'DLP' and select the 'Blocked Activity' tab.

Retrieval Activity

You can filter and export user retrieval activity information by going to 'Administration', 'Auditing', and then selecting the 'End User Retrieval' tab.

Sharing Activity

You can filter and export internal and external sharing activity information by going to 'Administration', 'Auditing', and then selecting the 'End User Sharing' tab.

Filtering and Exporting Activity History

In any of the activity types, you add and apply filters the same way.  Step through each filter to make sure it is scoped the way you like.  When ready, click the 'Apply Filters' button to run the query and see what results may exist.

If you ever need, audit information is easily exported.  Click the 'Export' button to see a list of available export formats.  Select the desired format and the export will run immediately.

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