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How to Install and Configure the HubStor Export Utility

To download the HubStor Export Utility, see DOWNLOAD THE HUBSTOR EXPORT UTILITY.

Assuming you have the required authorization and have successfully downloaded the HubStor Export Utility, follow these steps to install and configure the HubStor Export Utility.

Run the Installer

  1. Open the Export Utility installer file 'HubStor.ExportUtility.msi'. This will open the install wizard on the welcome step.

  1. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Acceptable Use Policy

  1. You will need to read and accept the HubStor Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) before proceeding. Of special note, you have rights to use HubStor installable software in your organization as long as your subscription to HubStor is active. You can also find the AUP here: HUBSTOR ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY (AUP).

  1. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Install Path

  1. Optionally change the install path.

  1. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Execute the Installation

  1. Click 'Install' to execute the installation.

  1. When the installation is complete, click 'Finish.'

Launch the HubStor Export Utility GUI

  1. Go to the Start menu, find the HubStor Export Utility app, and open it.

Connect the Export Utility

  1. When you open the Export Utility app, you will first need to 'Connect'. You'll need to provide a StorSite Web Service URL for your HubStor tenant. This can be found in the URL of the HubStor User Portal or HubStor Admin Portal. If you need assistance, contact the administrator of your HubStor tenant or the HUBSTOR HELP DESK. You'll also need the credentials of an account that is configured in HubStor for the Export Utility. This account will need to be authorized in HubStor with the following rights:
    1. API authorization
    2. Access all items
  1. For instructions on how to configure authorization on the HubStor account that will be used by the Export Utility, see HOW TO CONFIGURE EXPORT UTILITY PERMISSIONS.
  1. Enter your StorSite Web Service URL and credentials.
  2. If required click 'Proxy Settings' to enter your proxy settings.
  3. Optionally you can click 'Advanced Settings' and adjust the following settings. It is not recommended to change these options unless directed by a HubStor representative. 
    1. Large File Download Threshold (MB)
      This is the threshold for when to chunk file downloads
    2. # Large File Download Threads
      The number of thread to use for chunked file downloads
    3. Large File Download Buffer Size (MB)
      The size of file chunks to be used when chunking
    4. Location Job Threads
    5. Item Job Threads
    6. Copy Buffer Size (Bytes)
      This setting pertains to File, Blob, PST, and Mailbox destinations. A higher buffer size may increase export performance, especially when exporting to a network drive. Higher buffer sizes will consume more resources.
      Example values: 65536 (64 KB. This is the default value), 1048576 (1 MB), 2097152 (2 MB), 5242880 (5 MB).
  4. Click 'Ok' to save changes
    1. For additional information on Advanced settings, see article: Export Utility Download Throttling Options and Monitoring
These configuration settings made so far are saved for future use. You will have to authenticate each time you want to run an export. 

To use the HubStor Export Utility see: 

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