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How To Exclude Specific Mailboxes From Being Captured

In some cases there may be the need to exclude a mailbox or a set of mailboxes from being crawled by the EWS connector.  The process for this is very simple and only requires access to the server hosting the HubStor Connector Service. 

If HubStor is managing your O365 connectors, please contact support to request these changes.

Launch the HubStor Connector Service

Open the properties of the EWS Connector and choose the Write Policy tab. 
Click the Add Location button.
In the Location Name field, enter the SMTP address for the mailbox that should be excluded. (repeat if there are multiple mailboxes)
Click OK twice to save the changes. 

  1. If this is a new connector, the first time the crawl runs, it will skip these mailboxes. 
  2. If the mailbox has already been captured and then added as an exclusion, HubStor will update the backend by considering this mailbox as 'Removed From Source' and will appear as grayed out when viewing the Content app in the Admin Portal.  As shown below, the mailbox for '' shows as grayed out.  However, the data is still in HubStor and fully accessible. 

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