How To Exclude Specific File Extensions(types) From Archiving

How To Exclude Specific File Extensions(types) From Archiving

This article will walk through the process of how to exclude specific file types from being archived (ingested) into HubStor.  This is done by using Exclusions within the Connector Write Policy.  

In this scenario, we want to exclude .txt and .rpt files from being archived that reside within the root path C:\Files as seen below:

Click on the Write Policy Tab at the top of the Connector Properties page. 

Click the 'Add Grouping' button as seen below. 

Provide a Name
Choose 'Add Clause'
From the drop-down, choose 'MetadataSpecificValue', then choose OK

Choose 'ItemType' from the drop-down
Click 'Add Value'
Enter the file extension.  It is important to note that only one file extension can be added per line.  This means choosing the 'Add Value' button for each file extension that should be excluded.  If there are many extensions to exclude, add them to a .csv file using Excel and use the 'Import' button which will add them all to this list.  Once all file extensions are added, click OK.  

The end result will look like the following:

Click OK to save all changes.  That concludes the process. Now when the connector crawl runs, it will ignore all these files from the archive process. 

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