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How to Configure the SharePoint Connection for the Export Utility

This article will discuss how to configure the SharePoint Connection when choosing to 'Export To' a 'Single SharePoint Site Collection'. 

Configure a SharePoint Connection

  1. Click the ellipse button next to the 'SharePoint Collection' selection.
  2. In the 'Configure export destination' pane click the ellipse button.
  3. Enter a Display Name.

  1. On the 'General' tab, select 'SharePoint Online' for O365. For SharePoint on Premise, leave this option unchecked. 
  2. Click the 'Use O365 Default' button to populate the 'Admin Site URL'. Simply update the <company> section accordingly.  For SharePoint on Premise, enter the appropriate URL. 
Now configure the 'CSOM Credentials' tab.

  1. There are two options: 
    1. Basic - This is the preferred method.  With this option, it allows for a connection to SharePoint using credentials for an account that has the SharePoint Admin role assigned. Simply click the 'Add' button and enter the credentials for the elevated account. 
    2. Modern/OAuth - This requires a SharePoint Application to be created. During this process, take note of the Client ID and Client Secret. These will be entered in the fields.  For complete instructions on how to create this application, see the article: How To Create A SharePoint App For OAuth/Modern Authentication
  1. In the 'Group/Teams Credentials' tab, it is optional to enable 'Groups/Teams Awareness.'

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