Preparing a Google Drive Connection

Preparing a Google Drive Connection

This article will walk through the process of configuring the Google Workspace pre-requisites in order to create the connector that will capture the data.  
A few notes to consider:
  1. The process will require elevated access to the Google Workspace console.
  2. The connector only supports capturing data from users in Google Workspace; it does not support regular Gmail.    

Authentication and Authorization

A service account is required in order to access resources including delegated access into users' Google Drives.


Step 1:  Create the Project

A project is a collection of settings, credentials, and metadata about the application or applications you're working on that make use of Google APIs and Google Cloud Platform resources.
Create a Project by logging into the console via the following URL:
Create a Credential of type service account.



Step 2: Enable the APIs

Click the 'Enable APIS AND SERVICES' button.  From the list, enable the required APIs listed below:
  1. Google Drive
  2. Service Directory API
  3. Admin SDK API

Step 3: Create the service account, making it an owner of the project

Step 4:  Create the service account key and download the JSON 

This JSON file will be used when configuring the connector.  


Step 5: Enable domain-wide delegation for the service account

Browse to:

Select Security, then API controls, then Domain-wide delegation
Click the 'Add new' button
Enter the client id which is the service account Unique ID

Enter the URL's below for the scopes:


 Click the 'Authorise' button

That completes the process. Now it is time to create and configure the Connector that will capture this data.  Refer to the article: How to create a Google Drive Connector
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