How to Configure Export Utility Permissions

How to Configure Export Utility Permissions

Export Utility permissions are configured in the HubStor Admin Portal. This article discusses the specific permissions necessary for different export scenarios. For general instructions on configuring permissions, see HOW TO USE HUBSTOR'S ROLE BASED ACCESS CONTROL (RBAC).

NOTE: Any of the following export permissions can be configured at the user, group, and/or role levels.

Configure Export Permissions for End Users

To run the Export Utility in End User mode, an end user will need 'End User Retrieval', 'End User Portal', and 'Export Utility' permissions.

Configure Export Permissions for Administrators

To run the Export Utility in Admin mode, the user will need the 'Access All Items' permission.

NOTE: 'Access All Items' even enables retrieval of items that have the 'Prevent Retrieval' tag behavior associated.

Configure Export Permissions for eDiscovery

To run the Export Utility in eDiscovery mode, the user will need the following Securable Object Permissions on the case(s) the user will be authorized to export: 'Read Case Items' and 'Export Utility'.

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