Export Utility Download Throttling Options and Monitoring

Export Utility Download Throttling Options and Monitoring

The Export Utility is equipped with the option to throttle the download speeds of data and monitor each thread.  This is useful in environments where download speeds may be limited or issues arise when not using any throttling which is the default setting.  

Enable Throttling

This option is enabled by launching the utility and before logging in, choose the 'Advanced Settings' button which will open the window to configure throttling. 
These settings are persisted between user settings.
It is not recommended to modify any of the 'Download/Thread options without first consulting a HubStor representative.  

Select the options as desired and click OK, then proceed to log into the utility.  

Monitoring The Export Job

When an export is running, there is an 'Advanced monitoring' form that will display all of the running threads and throttling statistics.  
  1. Total Downloaded --  The total number of compressed bytes downloaded since the Export Utility started.  Updated twice a second.
  2. Current Download Rate --  The real-time download rate.  Updated twice a second.
  3. Limit Download To --  Initially populated with the current throttled rate as specified in the above advanced settings form.  This setting can be dynamically adjusted and changes take effect within 0.5 seconds.

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