Deleting Backup Sets results in error 'NSP Unauthorized'

Deleting Backup Sets results in error 'NSP Unauthorized'


When trying to delete a backup set(s), the following error can occur:

'An error occurred deleting the selected backup(s).  Exception - Error executing deleteItemVersionsInternal.  
NSP unauthorized. ConnectorService'


The error message references 'ConnectorService' which is the account configured to run the backup service.  There are specific permissions required in order for this account to have the ability to delete backup sets.  In this case, a permission is missing thus causing the error.  


Log into the Admin portal to verify and/or add the following permissions for the ConnectorService account:

1. Browse to the Administration section > Permissions > Users & Groups 
2. In the Quick Search field, enter 'connectorservice'

3. Click on the 'Manage permissions' button

4.  Confirm the following permissions are granted for this account:

5. Once all permissions are assigned, click the 'Assign' button, then at the top of the page, click 'Save'

6.  This should now allow for the backup sets to delete properly

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