Creating an Azure Service Principal for the HubStor Backup Service

Creating an Azure Service Principal for the HubStor Backup Service

This article details how to register and permission a service principal, and gather the information needed to create an Azure connection in the HubStor Backup Service.

Register an application with Azure AD and create a service principal

  1. Sign into the Azure Portal with an account with permission to register an application and assign application roles
  2. Select "Azure Active Directory"
  3. Select "App Registrations"
  4. Select "New registration"
  5. Specify a name for the application, such as "HubStor Backup App"
  6. For "Supported account types", select "Accounts in this organization directory only"
  7. Select "Register"
  8. On the "Overview" page, take note of the following IDs:
    1. Application (client) ID
    2. Directory (tenant) ID

Assign permissions to the service principal

  1. For the newly created app, select "API Permissions"
  2. The permission "Microsoft Graph, User.Read" should already be listed
  3. Select "Add a permission"
  4. Select "Azure Service Management" and select the permission "user_impersonation"
  5. Select "Add permissions"
  6. Select "Grant admin consent" and confirm.

Create a new application secret

  1. While still in the newly created app, select "Certificates & secrets"
  2. Select "New client secret"
  3. Add a description, such as "HubStor Backup App secret"
  4. Select "Never" expires
  5. Make note of the "Value" of the secret

Assign roles to the application

It is possible to assign roles to a wider scope, but the following steps are for resource groups.
  1. For each resource group containing virtual machines and disk you wish to back up, select "Access control (IAM)"
  2. Select "Role assignments"
  3. Select "Add" and "Add role assignment"
  4. Select the "Contributor" role
  5. Select the newly created app
  6. Select "Save"
Note: Premium storage accounts will require the "Owner" role instead of "Contributor"
Repeat the above steps to add the role "Storage Account Contributor" and "Storage Blob Data Contributor".
The HubStor Backup service will pick up the new permissions after 15 minutes. Restart the HubStor Backup service if you would like the permissions to take effect immediately.

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