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Crawler Task fails with error 'There is not enough space on the disk' and 'Unable to create .hubstorinfo file'


When the Crawler task runs, it may fail immediately and upon reviewing the Crawler Task Events, the following error shows:

Error getting child locations from connector for location DC-Quotas
Error building information for location descendant Quotas2.  Full path: C:\Shares\HubStorTesting
Error obtaining the LocationRelativeUniqueIDHash for the folder.
Unable to create .hubstorinfo file.
There is not enough space on the disk

As seen in the error, the Crawler is unable to create the .hubstorinfo file.  


This issue will manifest when there are Quotas configured on the file system thus restricting of any further write/create action on the disk. 


To correct this issue and allow for the Crawler to create the .hubstorinfo file, please review the quota configuration and adjust as needed.   For Windows servers, these can be found by opening Server Manager > File and Storage Services > Shares.  

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